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It may not yet be the Autumn Equinox but to many the first day of September signifies the first day of autumn. Natures tapestry welcomes September with a vivid display of red, gold, orange and purples. The wilderness larder continues to offer up a medley of mushrooms and berries. The hunting season is underway, and the fishing will still be good for some weeks.

Subconsciously my home also transitions from summer to autumn. I light a candle and place it on my small tray with my coffee cup first thing in the morning. I start to move my woollen jerseys, socks, and scarves to the front of my wardrobe while packing my light summer clothes into the storage container in the loft. Without realising it, the kitchen too gives way to autumn as we prepare hearty fish soup, game casserole and root vegetables from the garden. The nights draw in, the air is pleasantly cool where I lay in bed underneath the open window, and were it not for the incessant mosquitos and midges, it would be the perfect time of year. These "hangry" insects destroy my evening photography tours, early morning fishing on the lake, walks through the woods and forests and even dinner in the summer house. No matter how much peppermint oil, citronella and other recommended repellents and remedies I use, they bit me none stop.

This late in the calendar year sees my own personal goals and deadlines reviewed and despite them being unrealistic, or at the very least overly optimistic, I refuse to change them. I therefore know that autumn will be short, winter will come without warning and Christmas will arrive before I know it. Between the essential pantry and garden chores of bottling, preserving, smoking, drying, conserving, butchering, fileting, and packaging, I will spend many hours daily at my desk, working on my forthcoming book, which is due for release in January 2024. This has been a work in progress and is a very personal account of my own battles and challenges. Watch this website for more details as we near the end of editing and the start of the publication.


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