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Embrace Winter

As the mercury dips and the first snow has fallen, it's easy to stay indoors, keep warm and hibernate until spring. Tempting though it may be to peruse holiday sites and dream of warmer places, think how good it would feel to embrace the grip of winter head on. Here are my ultimate top tips for making winter special. Dress warmly, pack a Thermos with a warm drink (I love Blackcurrant Juice) and something to eat, and make winter your favourite time of the year. Ps: Don't keep it a secret. Involve family, friends and even a neighbour or two who may enjoy some company.

  1. Feed the birds - if you have the possibility collect some pine cones or apples, string them up in the garden or parks and make bird feeders.

  2. Take a winter nature walk. Any woods, forest, hill or even tree lined street will do. How many colours, leaves and seed pods can you list?

  3. Use your phone to capture your own winter safari. Birds, insects, animals in their own habitat or in your local zoo, park, or wetlands.

  4. If you have Instagram, Facebook, X or another social media channel, set yourself a challenge. A great idea is a 30 day picture blog. Think, in 30 days you will have catalogued an entire month of beauty and it costs nothing.

  5. If the skies are clear, make time each evening or night time to go outdoors and look up. Stargazing is the perfect winter hobby.

  6. Plan a winter themed treasure hunt. If someone has a birthday or other special occasion, surprise them with this.

  7. Once the snow falls, make angels in the snow.

  8. Dress up warm and ride a bike. Just remember to wear a helmet as paths and roads can be especially slippery in winter.

  9. Make ice block candle holders. Use any old holder, ice cream tubs work well. Fill with boiled water that has gone cold, decorate with flowers, berries, conkers, branches or whatever you like. Freeze either in the freezer or outside if the temperatures are below minus. Take the ice block out of the holder and place it on a step or in the garden. Decorate with a small candle. You may wish to make a small dent in the top so that the candle sits out of the wind.

  10. Take a winter buildings tour. Architecture takes on a whole new look when dressed in its winter coat and is lit up outside. If you visit a town or city, reward yourself with a warm chocolate in a small cafe, a trip to a bookshop or a museum. Support your local National Trust, English Heritage or other organisations which open their doors to the public for a nominal charge.


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