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Forest Bathing - Nighttime

The thought of heading into a dark forest scared the heck out of me, until I discovered Forest Bathing. By moving slowly, breathing deeply, listening, and trusting my senses, I have come to love my night time walks. Despite moving as silently as possible, as my warm breath meets the cold air, my position is compromised. The deer that occasionally meet me have the same problem. I see their breath before I hear the snap of a branch beneath their hooves. As my eyes adjust to the dark, natural night vision increases. I keep a head torch on low light to help guide me, turning it off when I stand or sit still. My latest book is a personal memoir of how I turned to Forest Bathing together with other forms of outdoor therapy to heal myself from stress and burnout (utmattningssyndrom). #mentalhealth #forestbathing #utmattningssyndrom #burnout #outdoortherapy


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