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PRScribe Guest Blog

I was delighted to contribute a third Guest Blog to PRScribe. Discussing my own journey through the world of publishing and the challenges I have faced along the way, I hope to inspire and give advice to other writers facing the same hurdles. The elation of seeing your book published to the frustration of low sales can challenge self confidence. The day after your book launch you become yesterdays news, which may result in your book falling into a literary abyss. How do you recover and get your book noticed? Years of hard work are at stake and without the comfort of a large publishing house or media agent behind you, it's up to you to make the difference. Read more about my experiences by visiting #PRScribe . If there is one thing I have learnt it is that it's the journey that counts. #PalamedesPR #emmastrandbergamazon #publishing #fullybooked #wherethefxxkisblonduos #travelwriter #guestblog My second Guest Blog discusses the evolution of British book publishing and AI, which you can read here My first Guest Blog to PRScribe highlights my gruelling publishing journey. Visit PRScribe to see all articles here


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