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Smoke Bathing

Smoke Bathing - New Year, new possibilities and so I thought I’d try a cleansing ritual to enhance my usual forest bathing. I chose the herb Sage (Salvia) which in Latin stems from the meaning “to heal” as I figured this was a good place to start. Since ancient times Sage has been used as a healing herb though personally until now, I have used it only in its culinary form. Having grown copious quantities last year, which have hung to dry in my cellar since autumn, I grabbed a large bunch of it, together with a lighter and headed out for my morning routine; A slow, mindful, time alone in nature. With the hopes of cleaning up any negative energies around me, purify my emotional state and hopefully unblock the stoppage in my writers flow since being unwell for most of December, I couldn't wait to light the grey green bundle and breathe deeply. As I lit the bouquet it caught fire, though I held tight and blew out the flames. The essential oils were certainly flammable! The pungent smoke quickly alerted the forest to my presence. Any animals within a 10k radius that had missed the smell didn’t miss my choking and spluttering as I gagged the putrid air. The art of Smudging as it’s known is, I am sure, beneficial, but as a non smoking, odour sensitive beginner of smoke bathing, it may take me some time to get used to it. #sage #smokebathing #forestbathing #smudging #zen #ritual #detoxing #friluftsliv #friluftsmys #emmastrandbergbooks


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